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We joined some friends on Saturday night on the restaurant side which was our first and last encounter with this restaurant. So we ordered our pizzas. The pizza wasn't impressive; soggy crust and way too much garlic on it - just over-powering and I like garlic. When it came time to pay, we were provided with a bill for each pizza. When they were rung up, the coupon was only used on our friends' pizza.

He was told that it could only be used on 2 pizzas if the same person purchased them. This explanation was provided by "the owner. But he doesn't need to worry about us because we won't be back. I have given myself a couple days to cool off before writing this review.

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We love the pizza. The service is spotty. They aren't usually quick about checking in, seem spacey when we give our order, or just plain forget our order. The servers have always been very nice though. We aren't tough to please, so we just roll with it. Saturday night though, we had these most awful experience here. And you won't believe who the horrible service was delivered by.

Read on Knowing how much we love Pioneer Pizza, my sister bought us a gift certificate on her way out to our house on Saturday. That same night, we wanted to use it. I call in the order and we head down to pick it up. The conversation in the stores goes something like this: Employee: takes certificate What is this? This isn't signed and this isn't one of our certificates Husband: My sister-in-law just bought it for us today Employee: I don't know what to tell you, this looks fake and forged.

I am telling you she bought this just a few hours ago, here at this store which is the ONLY Pioneer Pizza Employee: For all I know you could have found this in a garbage can and forged it Husband: I don't like your tone or what you are insinuating. Employee: again I don't know what to tell you as he walks away WITH our certificate After he walked away, another employee says to my husband how sorry she is, sorry from the bottom of her heart, and that he should not have talked to us that way. My husband thanked her, but said if we aren't able to use the certificate, we won't be taking the pizza.

At that point, my husband had to step outside as his blood pressure is now through the roof. He tries to keep his cool. I call my sister and thankfully, she is just a few minutes away, so she stops in to show her receipt. Employee: Yes, I just called the manager and she confirmed that she did sell them to you. The certificate should have been signed. If it had been signed, this wouldn't have been a problem Sister: So rather than check with your employee first, you call a good customer a liar and a thief Employee: I never said that Husband: You said I could have found it in a garbage can and forged it Employee: Well, I'm sorry AGAIN , I don't know what else to say Husband: What is this?

Spots a gift certificate display Gift certificates now available and what do you know, the certificates on this picture look EXACTLY like mine Employee: Well, we just started selling those today Husband Husband: Are you a manager?

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Employee: Yes, I'm the owner Husband: You should probably go back to school and learn some basic customer service skills I wish I would have recorded the conversation. This script just doesn't do it justice.

13559 Redland Rd, Oregon City, OR 97045

This guy was the most arrogant jerk. How many times did he say "I don't know what to say"? I lost track. How about I'm really sorry, I was wrong or I should have investigated on our end first or take this pizza on me this time. There wasn't anything even remotely sincere in his apology.

Because this was the owner of the business, I have to give them one star, right? And because it was the owner, I cannot patron the business again, right? I have received bad service at plenty of places and haven't refused to go back because I typically assume the server was just having an off day. But, when the guy getting all the cash treats any customer like that, I just cannot give him anymore of my money I am so pissed off that he treated us that way and extra pissed because I love this place and cannot give him my business any longer.

If he treats his customers that way, I cannot imagine what it must be like to work for that dude.

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What a jerk! Not much atmosphere to speak of - is located in a strip mall of some sorts. Pizza was ok but the sauce was what really detracted - almost like plain tomato paste Also, it's just a tad on the expensive side for thinnish crust NY style pizza. That said, it still beats any of the big chains hands down. I like supporting local business. Small dining area, but the Pizza is great. Love the "Big Jake". These folks do a tremendous job.

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Will go back again and again. I LOVE the pizza and salads here. Hula Hawaiian Pizza. Veggie Pizza. Our original round pizza topped with green pepper, onion, mushroom and black olive. Speciality Items. Crazy Bread. Eight warm sticks of freshly baked bread topped with the flavors of butter and garlic, then sprinkled with parmesan cheese. Little Caesars Italian Cheese Bread.

Freshly baked bread with a crispy edge, covered with melted cheeses and topped with italian spices. Caesar Dips. Tasty dips for crazy bread, italian cheese bread, caesar wings, or pizza! Crazy Sauce. Dipping sauce made from little caesars exclusive tomato sauce recipe, with a special blend of tasty herbs and spices. Little Caesars Pepperoni Cheese Bread. Speciality Items - Caesar Wings. Choose From Eight Tasty Varieties! Oven Roasted. The sweet taste of traditional bbq sauce, blended with just the right amount of bite.

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A sweet honey mustard flavor with just the right amount of smoky bacon. Buffalo Available Mild Or Hot. The traditional buffalo sauce hot, spicy and full of natural butter flavor. Garlic Parmesan. A creamy and delicious blend of roasted garlic, black pepper, and parmesan. Lemon Pepper. Get directions.

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