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Every single word and process should be fully focused on God and our relationship with Him. If we are to learn more about His Word and want to selflessly glorify Him, that should be our purpose. Learning about and worshiping the Lord should be our why. If you simply want to create beautiful faith-filled pictures, you can do that too.

John 15 Bible Art Journaling with FREEBIE

However, when I write about the practice of Bible journaling, I am less concerned with the art. To me, Bible journaling is much more about the heART!

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My own definition of Bible journaling is as follows: Bible journaling is a very personal way to be in the presence of our glorious God, to engage with the Word, to praise and glorify Him, to speak to and be in relationship with our heavenly Father, to record our prayers, Bible study and sermon notes, and to write down the things we hear the Lord speaking to us. It does not require you to work directly in your Bible. There are no rules and no judgement. There is a plethora of mediums that can be used and far more ideas for journaling than I have listed here. Let me say this now, so we are completely clear.

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Do you really want to try out something new on something you cherish? First, choose a verse or verses you understand, are familiar with, or that can be illustrated easily from a sermon you heard, a worship song, or whatever. Remember, Bible journaling is a personal journey for each of us. To keep the cards on the right page, I recommend using washi tape.

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I think I had free downloads before, when the site was hosted elsewhere. Then I moved it and somehow lost the files, along with some images that is why, if you dig farther back, some are missing. The files are:. A set of 4 bible verses you can print out and use or give away.

I AM Enough – Art Journaling and FREE PRINTABLE!

You can print them over and over — so do both! I used a piece of digital paper as the background. Then on the opposite page, I created a scene that helped me to visualize myself as the one lost sheep in the parable of Luke It reminds me that I am precious and that God found me. He chased me down with His grace and saved me.

I did nothing. I was indeed lost.

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The good shepherd did it all. How awesome is that?

I didn't have to draw a thing! And yet, the act of putting these pieces of art together was enough to feed my creative spirit and help me slow down enough to pray about and understand the text more fully. Come on… now I'm getting cooler… am I right? And I will worship my Good Shepherd. I'm including a small Bible journaling kit you are welcome to download for FREE if you want to try this out for yourself. The theme of this kit is the Fruit of the Spirit from Galatians 5.

I'd love to see what you create with it so feel free to tag me on Social Media gracencolor or email me. If you are a skimmer, here's the important part of this post. Bible Journaling is many things to many people.