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With new releases bringing the latest technology, JB Hi-Fi is the place to go for all the big brands, and for all the latest accessories. As a Telstra dealer, we have plenty of great plans and devices deals, and can hook you up with a new Samsung Galaxy, Oppo, Apple iPhone, Huawei, or Google Pixel if you want the flexibility of buying a phone outright.

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JB Gift Card. Pixel 4 is the phone made the Google way. On Sale.

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Big sellers and top brands We all know that when it comes to phones, there are lots of big brands, and lots and lots of different models to choose from. As a Telstra dealer, we can offer you plenty of choice across a range of plans and devices, and also cater for those who want a pre-paid phone, or want to buy a mobile outright.

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Our stores are covered in different kinds of phone accessories from big brands like Otterbox and Belkin, as well as other brands that have some pretty funky designs and innovations. Our home phone range includes models from brands such as Uniden and Panasonic, and we have a heap of storage options from industry leaders such as Sandisk and Lexar.

All you have to do is come instore or check out JB online to get the latest and the greatest technology. Smartphone technology moves pretty quickly, and with new phones featuring bionic chips, wireless charging, amazing cameras, cracked screen repair, and face recognition, any excuse to upgrade your current phone is a good excuse. As well as all the latest Apple iPhones, Samsung Galaxies, Google Pixels and Oppo range, we have exclusive deals with some brands that will knock your socks off.

You can also grab the latest Apple and Samsung watches, which are part of our impressive wearables range.

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We also have a heap of accessories that will also impress. No matter what kind of phone you have, we have a screen protector for it. And we have more chargers than you thought even existed. But the big telcos are skittish about e-SIMs, he said, because of the way telecommunications companies are valued, and because of the way their executives are remunerated.

The focus now is on the number of subscribers a telco has, but that number would become almost meaningless in an e-SIM environment, where customers can switch between telcos on a daily, even hourly basis.

We intend to implement e-SIM phone technology on our network anyway. We just need. The fact that Australia's mobile phone carriers hadn't yet implemented Apple's e-SIM had nothing to do with resistance to the technology, and everything to do with the fact it wasn't yet possible to implement it, Mr McIntosh said.

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Not only had phone makers not yet settled on an single e-SIM standard that carriers could implement, allowing for seamless switching of phones between carrier networks, but those phone makers who had released e-SIM devices hadn't even informed Australian carriers which of the various proposed e-SIM standards they had used in their phone. Once phone makers tell Vodafone which e-SIM technology they're using, Vodafone will set to work implementing it, he said.

Telstra and Optus officials contacted by the AFR told a similar story, not of resisting the technology, but instead of waiting for the technology to develop:. Telstra officials said they would add support for eSIMs in phones "in the future as customer demand builds", and Optus officials said "we're considering opportunities to expand the range of e-SIM enabled devices we support".

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Apple declined to comment, but did confirm that the Australian versions of the new iPhone still have e-SIMs, even though the carriers haven't enabled it. Skip to navigation Skip to content Skip to footer Help using this website - Accessibility statement. Technology Print article. John Davidson Columnist.

Updated Oct 5, — License article.

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John Davidson is an award-winning columnist, reviewer, and senior writer based in Sydney and in the Digital Life Laboratories, from where he writes about personal technology. Connect with John on Twitter. Email John at jdavidson afr. Law firm disrupters make their colleagues nervous. Mortgage disrupter sets new funding record.

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