76ers trade deadline deals

The Clippers now have the draft ammo to broker one.

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But they might not need it. Gallo has a back injury, but he has played well enough this season for jilted free-agency suitors to absorb the final year of his contract into cap space over the summer without demanding a sweetener. By the way: The Clippers are officially on Anthony Davis watch. As Woj noted, they didn't make this deal with cobbling together an offer in mind, but Shamet, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Jerome Robinson, these four inbound picks and their wealth of digestible salary gives them an interesting package.

It'll only get stronger over the offseason. They're probably going to keep the lottery-protected pick they owe to the Boston Celtics, which would give them another asset to dangle during the offseason. Some won't be wild about Harris' fit with the Sixers. He's a good catch-and-shoot option, but the Clippers afforded him carte blanche to work off the dribble. More than one-third of his attempts are coming as pull-up jumpers. He won't have that same freedom in Philly. Just ask Butler. On the flip side, if Harris was still wondering whether he'd secure a max or near-max deal in free agency, he has confirmation.

The Sixers wouldn't have traded for him if they didn't intend to give him the bag. Plus, anyone who tweets this out immediately after being shipped to Philly is an automatic winner:. The Minnesota Timberwolves could rattle off a five-game winning streak and re-enter the playoff picture. The Clippers have responded to the loss of each top gun over the past year-plus with general friskiness.

The Clippers won the Tobias Harris trade with the 76ers – Stephen A. - First Take

They loom. Weird stuff could happen in New Orleans if Davis hasn't played his last game with the Pelicans.

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Potentially, possibly, maybe no longer having to contend with the Clippers is a win. Did you see their latest offer for Davis? Whether the Clippers had Davis on the brain while selling Harris is irrelevant. The Pelicans have gained another prospective suitor whose offer should only strengthen after the trade deadline.

New Orleans can either use this to drum up another eleventh hour bidding war between the Lakers, the Lakers and the Lakers or let Davis' availability leak into the summer knowing it won't want for valuable contingencies should his preferred landing spot start spitting out lowball offers. Fultz's future with the Sixers was, at best, unclear leading up to the trade deadline. It now appears nonexistent. He's now one of their best bargaining chips after they forked over two first-rounders, two seconds and Shamet.

Maybe that makes Fultz a winner. He needs a change of scenery. Nabbing Harris could increase the Sixers' urgency to move him while they have filler to attach Furkan Korkmaz, Justin Patton, etc. Lopsided-salary trades this summer are off the table after Philly forfeited cap flexibility. Then again, adding another fringe star could compel the Sixers to be more selective while they shop Fultz. They need to flesh out their bench, but they profile as the top destination for any wings on the buyout market who care about playing time.

Sticking in Philly is a nightmare scenario for Fultz. The Sixers already didn't have the touches to adequately incorporate him upon his return, whenever that may be, with Butler, Embiid and Simmons in the fold. Harris only makes his reintegration that much harder—if impossible. Either way, the path to Fultz's successful turn has narrowed.

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And for someone facing finite silver linings to begin with, this is a problem. Their playoff odds will benefit from Harris' departure, but this trade creates another potential Davis suitor. Even if New Orleans is only slightly more likely to wait until the offseason to move him, it'll be the Lakers' loss. By sending Harris to Philadelphia and embracing a probable lottery berth, the Clippers are costing the Celtics an asset.

Philadelphia 76ers: Grading their NBA Trade Deadline

As ESPN. Since the protections convert to a second-rounder if the pick isn't conveyed next season, the Clippers may never lose a first-round pick at all, or at the very least might have one later in the round in if they score big in free agency. Those are the three most likely contenders in the East, and it suddenly got a step tougher to win the conference. Now, the Sixers might hold on to Butler and Harris:.

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The NBA trade rumor mill has started churning out his name. The struggling ex-first rounder might the next domino to fall if the Sixers continue to shove all their chips into the middle of the table. Two snorkelers with a tour group in Australia suffered serious injuries in a shark attack Tuesday morning between Hook Island and …. Sign up now to catch all your favorite NHL streams.

Learn More. Winners and losers of the blockbuster Tobias Harris 76ers trade. Winners 1.

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Both the Clippers and 76ers The Sixers needed a stretch 4 in their lineup that they never quite found earlier this season. Losers 1. Now, the Sixers might hold on to Butler and Harris: 3. More FTW. The Latest.